About us

ENERGY & WATER - Greater Copenhagen Living Lab

ENERGI & WATER - Greater Copenhagen Living Lab is an innovative and experimental environmental school, which offers teaching for all grades within the themes of energy and water supply, climate and climate adaptation in the past, present and future, always with a sustainability perspective.

The courses are primarily for public schools in Greater Copenhagen, but we also welcome private schools, schools from other areas and adult groups. Two times annually free public activity days are held for everyone who is interested. If you wish to book a tour, a teaching course or hear more about ENERGY & WATER, please use the contact information listed below.

Contact and booking

Energy & Water
Roskildevej 213
2500 Valby, Denmark
Mail: envand@buf.kk.dk
Tel.: 0045 3630 3606

Mobile Science Center

Mobile Science Center (MSC) is the mobile unit of ENERGY & WATER. MSC is an innovative educational concept, which facilitates teaching at schools and participates in a large amount of events annually.

Mobile Science Center is visited by a broad and diverse audience. The Science Center offers teaching courses within the themes of water supply solutions, climate change and climate adaptation, in a different, fun and hands-on oriented way. The Mobile Science Center consists of two large containers that can unfold into exciting, interactive learning spaces.

Contact and booking

Patrick Rosenkjær
Tel: 0045 27 77 02 66
Mail: y69b@buf.kk.dk