ENERGY & WATER – Greater Copenhagen Living Lab

By the 01/01-16, the Energy and Water Science Center formally changed name to ENERGY & WATER – Greater Copenhagen Living Lab. With the status as living lab, ENERGY & WATER also expands the core services provided as well as the relations with current partners and additional new external partnerships. With the new name, ENERGY & WATER will also change logo and website, which will be officially launched in mid 2016. The coming website will both reflect the existing and future layout of ENERGY & WATER.

Working with citizen involvement, education through the methodology of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and knowledge sharing via Big Data networks, the ENERGY & WATER – Greater Copenhagen Living Lab will specifically focus on education and knowledge sharing as a means for achieving sustainable development. Using innovation driven educational approaches, our users and partners will be encouraged to participate in developing green solutions through creative processes. Education and involvement will thus be used as tools for a infrastructural and cultural transition towards a resilient and sustainable development of our cities.

ENERGY & WATER will continue to function as a Science Center, offering educative, innovative and experimental courses on the utility of energy and water, as well a climate change and climate adaptation in the Greater Copenhagen area. But with the new status as living lab, ENERGY & WATER will in addition function as a HOFOR Showroom and a Climate Adaptation Collaboratorium, opening up for a broader audience and other tasks.

The HOFOR Showroom at ENERGY & WATER will function as a visitor center, where citizen groups, educative institutions and other visitors can gain information about HOFORs work on sustainable utility of water and energy as well as climate change and adaptation in the Greater Copenhagen area.

The Climate Adaptation Collaboratorium at ENERGY & WATER will function as open platform where local authorities, citizens, utility companies, universities NGO´s and SME´s can share knowledge, interact and co-design climate adaptation solutions. By implementing knowledge from a broad array of actors, the developed climate adaptation solutions will both be able to solve the challenges of climate change and add add-on value to the areas where they are implemented.

ENERGY & WATER will continue to promote climate- and environmentally friendly utility solutions and user behavior, but on an even broader platform, at we are looking forward to opening up our services to a broader audience.

Roskildevej 213, 2500 Valby, Denmark
Tel.: 0045 3630 3606

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